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my girl-first episode, my first impression
 today i just finished watching dadong no taiwanese dorama
then i unexpectedly found that aibachan no my girl with subtitle has already released
so i decided to watch it, just wna know how it is

then i watch watch watch...and OMG!!!!!!!!!
it is such a delicate and sweet dorama that will definitely make you realize the relationship between chichi to you
it is surely gonna be another beautiful dorama that i couldnt miss

aibachan no acting skill is improved a lot too, he can naturally make me feel really touching and couldn't help crying out a lot LOL
it was in the scene he confessed that he would never forget the girl no haha!!
he made me sense that kono kioku wa honto ni taisetsuna desune, at least for him
he made me trust that the girl no haha was the one he had fallen for! that was great!!

so i ve to thanks for the musical, green fingers, rite? LOL
since aiba chan always said that he had improved a lot after staring in this musical HEHEHE

however, im not sure if im gna have enough time to continue watching it continually - week by week
but i do do do hope sooo :- )
i just cant help falling in love with this dorama,,, humm,,, interesting ne
it seems that i ve grown up a bit
since i recently care more about family things than those romantic love HAHAHA

and hopefully this dorama will make me figure out something that i am seriously seeking for recently ne
i ve got a feeling so
so i hope that i ll have a chance to watch it again soon LOL
(that's too bad, it just came out only 2 ep! cant wait watching the entirely story desu nee!!!)

ps, do love aiba style! kakkoi desu neeee! he looked great in that cardigan : -)
look so warm-hearted that no one could resist! LOL
ps2. love the fist scene - aiba no waking up scene. i reminds me of shokun no waking up scene in honey and clover
and both are cho kawaii LOL
ps3. i love the ost loads too! love the first sentence so damn much since i doubt that too LOL
how can we express some words that will definitely go to others' heart?? seems to be difficult desunee~

hey! find sth relates to "my girl" LOL 
but it s even better since it's sakurai to aiba LOL <3 love 'em a lot!!



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