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immediately, after finish watching the quiz show season2
 the quiz show season two was unexpectedly so damnnn greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
that's all i can say!
at first, i had thought it was just a nice one bt not that exciting to watch
but the show kept rising every episode that i made me could nt stop watching
and finally found out that the final episode was so damnnnnn coooll!!!!!!
mc kamiyama! saigouuuu!!!!

however, not only the first episode which was good, bt also many other parts in the dorama
for example, i do admired saegima-san's courage to challenge on the quiz show's stage! what a cool and stronge woman!
her character wasnt only smart, bt also have many other kind sides that made her quite a perfect working woman! love her! <3

however, no one is gna take my love away  fr kamiyamasan (actually, sakurai shokun that i would fall for, LOL)
he looked gorgeous, esp in that white room where everything except sho's eyes and hair was white LOL
i do love the scene that he talked to himself in the mirror, pointing his finger out!! that is really kakkoi desu neee HAHAHAHAAAA
it's like... well... he looked weak bt filled with some kind of energy/encouragement inside... maybe he wanted to know the truth?? LOL

btw, i still feel pitiful for myself that i missed the 9th ep. which was surely gna be really exciting too
hopefully i will have a chance to watch it someday LOL

ps. im so glad to see shokun's acting ability shined!! he acted more and more naturally!!! love it! muahhhh <3 xoxo
ps2. love ashita no kioku even more HEHE :' )



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